Black Nickel


Al Mazhar Metal Electroplating offers a wide range of black nickel plating services from bright “jet-black” deposits to satin “charcoal gray” finishes. Black nickel plating is typically plated on brass, bronze, or steel in order to produce a non-reflective surface. This type of plating is used for decorative purposes and does not offer much protection.

Black Nickel is electrolytic nickel plating with a secondary treatment to turn the surface black. This plating will provide corrosion resistance and maintains electrical conductivity while reducing reflectivity on the surface.

Mostly, black nickel is being used in Signages and Interior Design industries.

Applications of Black Nickel Plating:

  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Controlling Hardness
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Controlling Lubricity
  • Controlling Reflectivity

Benefits of Black Nickel Plating:

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Decorative finish used in the fashion industry

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