Metal Polishing


Al Mazhar Metal Electroplating provides Metal Polishing service for aluminum, silver, brass, chrome, stainless steel, copper or bronze and etc.. any metal can be buffed to a mirror-like shine using high-quality buffing compounds.

Metal Polishing sometimes known as finishing or buffing is the process of removing scratches and abrasions from a surface, and creating the desired brightness of finish on that surface.

Polishing, however like using sand paper, consists of procedures each of which is less abrasive than the previous.

A combination of polishing buffing wheels and compounds are used with a buffing machine or a household electric drill (pneumatic tools may also be used but only at relatively low speeds (4000 rpm max.)

Almost all automotive, industrial, furniture, fittings and many others use metal polishing in all their products to make it stand out and of course for quality. If you are looking for a very competitive price without compromising the quality, you have come to the right place, visit our office or contact us.


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